Technical data (download pdf)

Computerized flat knitting machine with either single carriage and two systems, or single carriage and one system (F20-151F).
The needle cams are designed for a mixed structure. The LCD format machine control interface makes ope­ration simple and easy to understand. The machine has a host of textile features, especially suitable for automatic production of jacquard knits: double or single faced, front/back stitches, floating jac­quard, pointelle, etc., including geometric or free pat­terns.

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For several years the company has had the ISO9001 certificate and 36 patents.Besides, it keeps developing with a collaboration with many engineering universities.

To ensure safe use of our machines, please read the operating manuals carefully before use.

As our products are constantly updated, we reserve the right to alter the information in this catalogue without notice. All information refers to technical components already completed or under development and construction by the mother company. Full or partial reproduction of this catalogue is prohibited.