The HUALUN FEI HU brand has always been distinguished for the construction of computerized flat knitting machines that bring together high technology and advanced research, with its own patents. The company’s production holds a prime place in the textile trade; all parts are made and assembled in-house using highly quali­fied machinery, a practice that goes hand in hand with stability, assurance and power. The firm is located west of Shanghai, in an area known as the birthplace of the woo­len trade and its technological department stands on an area of 120,000 square meters. Over the years HUALUN FEI HU has gained not only the Asian markets, but also South Ameri­can and African countries, and now Europe, ensuring its presence throughout the world! The reliability of the product and investments in technology have always distinguished this company which through continuous rese­arch is constantly evolving in order to impro­ve the quality of its products day after day.


The HUALUN FEI HU brand has always been linked to top quality, and is well-known in China as “the country’s high technology company”. Technology and Research underpin the HUALUN FEI HU project, which unites experience and innovation in a perfect mix.