Mandarin Knitting Technology S.r.L was founded in 2011 by Sante De Pecol to exploit his 30 years’ experience in the textile trade. In few years, Mandarin Knitting Technology S.r.L. has become an important distributor of HUALUN FEI HU high tech knitting machines. The company’s management has carefully chosen a dynamic product that is technolo­gically complete and technically trustworthy in order to be competitive and reliable on the market and satisfy customers through opti­mized business processes that maximize the quality of the products and services provided. Mandarin Knitting Technology S.r.L is based in Italy and the company deals in HUALUN FEI HU machines with exclusive rights in 44 countri­es throughout the world, subdivided into the following geographical areas: West Europe – East Europe, including Ukraine, Belarus, Euro­pean Russia and Baltic countries – North Africa (Mediterranean) – Turkey – Syria – Iran –Leba­non - part of Latin America including Mexico and Brazil. The business makes use of a well structured commercial organization, capillary on the territory of each country. The combi­nation of competitive machineries, extensive training and prompt assistance service: that’s why Mandarin Knitting Technology S.r.L. serves as a guarantee for its customers.